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About Us Partners

Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre:


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller

In some cases, job seekers have needs beyond the scope of our services. A strong community network enables us to refer clients to specific non-employment related services and resources available in the community to provide the required support and resources.

Following are just some of the partners that we refer to for further assistance.

Business Advisory Centre of Durham (BACD)

If you are interested in starting your own business, the Business Advisory Centre of Durham (BACD) helps launch and accelerate small business!

BACD provides one on one consultation, educational seminars and workshops to help small business acquire the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and grow their businesses. Learn more.


DRIVEN supports survivors of all types of Violence Against Women by providing coordinated access to a range of specialized services in one location.

All services provided at DRIVEN are free of charge. Survivors of all types of Violence Against Women can obtain services and resources through on-site and off-site partners. Child care is available.

Accepting both walk-in and scheduled appointments, DRIVEN's services range from but are not limited to: Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Counselling; Safety Planning; Parenting Support; Help Identifying Options to Deal with Financial Difficulties; Admission to a Shelter, etc.

Click for more information.

Durham Economic Development Partnership (DEDP)

The Durham Economic Development Partnership (DEDP) is a unique partnership made up of Economic Development representatives from each of Durham Region’s municipalities.

DEDP is committed to the economic growth and prosperity in the Region of Durham.

DRUHC works with the Economic Development Departments of several Durham Region municipalities in order to help meet the hiring and skills development needs of employers in the community.  DRUHC also provides information, resources and support to businesses who are new to the community or thinking about re-locating.

We are pleased with Durham Economic Development office demonstration of confidence in DRUHC services and for the recognition of the valuable services that DRUHC provides to both employers and job seekers.

For more information on the services, activities and events available in Durham Region click on the relevant municipality, link below:

Durham Immigration Portal

The Durham Immigration Portal was developed and continues to be supported by 80 organizations through the Community Partners in Diversity (CPD).

Members of the CPD are drawn from diverse sectors of the community representing; agencies, school boards, faith groups, local business groups and the Region.

The Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre is a proud partner of CPD and highly values this online resource that provides all the information a newcomer or a person new to the region may need to successfully settle in the Durham Region.

The CPD works in partnership with the Local Diversity and Immigration Partnership Council acting as an incubator for ideas, measuring trends, identifying needs and mobilizing the appropriate community resources to meet those needs.

Find information about living, working, learning, settling, doing business and building community on the Durham Immigration Portal. Learn more.

Durham Welcome Centres

The Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre is the lead partner for the Pickering Welcome Centre.

The Durham Welcome Centres’, located in both Pickering and Ajax, guide and support newcomers through the maze of settlement information, resources and services, including entry into the Canadian Labour Market by providing one-stop comprehensive services.

The Welcome Centre utilizes a collaborative framework in which core services and Associate Partners provide programming, information, services and resources designed to meet the needs of new immigrants.

For more information, visit the Welcome Centre Immigrant Services website.

Durham Workforce Authority (DWA)

Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) successfully engages Durham’s business and labour communities while providing local labour market analysis.

The Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre has benefitted from data and insight gained from DWA and has partnered on many initiatives in order to help drive the local economy. Click to view the DWA website.

Literacy Network of Durham Region (LiNDR)

The Literacy Network of Durham Region (LiNDR) promotes and facilitates the development and delivery of lifelong learning opportunities.

Hear LiNDR's Executive Director, Jennine Agnew-Kata, speaks about literacy as a pathway to develop the skills needed for work, learning and life.

For more information visit the LiNDR Website.

United Way Durham Region

United Way Durham Region's role in the community is to provide a means by which those who so choose may help those who are less advantaged in our community.

United Way Durham supports the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre's mandate.

Visit their website by clicking here.




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