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Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre:



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Video Testimonials

Jassodra found herself among one of the 1200 people who were suddenly laid off from IQT in July 2011. Grateful that she received immediate assistance from Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre, Jassodra wishes to thank the Canadian federal and provincial government for funding the help centre. Hear her what Jassodra has to say.

In 2006, Lisa found herself in a very difficult situation; Lisa turned to the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre and received the help that she needed. Lisa tells her story to encourage others who are unemployed to get the help that they need. Listen to Lisa's story by clicking here.

Anjali, a client of the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre, speaks about the challenges she faced after becoming unemployed and how the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre stepped in to helped her get on track to employment success. Hear Anjali's story.

After being laid off from a teaching position, Alessandra turned to the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre. Alessandra and her husband brought their dreams and aspirations of entrepreneurship to the Help Centre to gain information and support in the opening of Felicio’s Cake Boutique, Durham's premier Brazilian café and bakery in Oshawa. Find out more.


Written Testimonials

"Looking for a job is quite overwhelming. I am so grateful for the staff and facilities at the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre."


"I was able to apply to many, many employment postings because of the confidence built into me by Stephen through the resume he helped me create, the cover letter writing skills he taught me, and the interview skills he helped me learn. I ended up getting interviews for 5 jobs. I went, nervous, but knowing that I would be able to respond to any questions I was asked. Of the three interviews, two called me with offers of employment the next day and the one I accepted called me the same day I had my interview with an offer of employment!"


"I just wanted to thank you and the Unemployment Centre for all the help that I have received. I hope you will pass this on. This was the second time that I turned to the Unemployment Centre when I was looking for a job and the second time that I have met people with positive attitudes and had positive results for gaining employment. I will certainly recommend and have already recommended the Unemployment Centre as the first stop for people looking for work."


"I am sending this note to thank you for all you done to help me acquire employment. The updated resumes and cover letters you completed for me helped me get these two part time positions. I would also like to thank Bobbi for the countless number of resumes I asked her to send for me and to Rosemarie for the number of times she assisted me while I was applying for the jobs. I will be letting others know how helpful the centre has been and will be recommending your services to those in need, again thanks for all your help and support."


“…you helped me a lot when I was kinda lost if what to do. What I liked most is hard to pick you guys were always will to help.  I like the one and one resume help, the information about YEF and second career. Never knew about YEF before you told me about it.  I have nothing you guys could change because like I said before always someone to help. I even walked in sometimes with a few questions and had them answer if not that day an appt. not to many days later.”


“I have already recommended 3 people use your services.”


“The workshops and the tutorials are most beneficial. They are top quality workshops and I learnt a lot from each workshop that I attended. I noticed how the networking was so beneficial to all of the attendees at the last workshop I attended.”


“I have been a long- time resident in the Durham region. In the recent past, I found myself like so many other adults, unemployed due to corporate restructuring or down-sizing. Fortunately I was informed about a service that is available to the residents of the Region: The Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre; the information, assistance and help that I received from my counsellor and of course the rest of the staff as well, was a great help. I have been in the same industry for 30 years and found that I hadn’t needed to write a resume or market myself in any way to move forward. With the help of the Centre I’ve been able to move forward successfully. My family and friends have all been informed of the services and weren’t aware that such a place existed. In closing, again I can’t help but say thank you for making a service like this available to the Region.”


“I would like to express my satisfaction with Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre in Pickering for the outstanding service I received, from all your staff. Since the first visit, I realized that I was in good hands! I was assured that they would be the right people to help me, after years of seeking employment. They were the “someone”, who really could, understand my professional needs. They provided me services such as training, cover letter preparation, resumes, jobs postings, every day and the most and valuable of all, coaching for interviews! Also just as important, the motivation I needed to continue. They used all methods necessary to make my experience rewarding and disciplined to achieve success. I am so thankful for what you have done in my career search. I have referred now more than ten people, anticipating that they too would be rewarded with a career due to these individuals’ outstanding efforts.”


“For the past two years, I had been working as a part time Merchandiser. But since the start of the year, my work days had been drastically cut from 5 days a week down to just two days, then only one day. I was trying to locate the unemployment office so I could file for unemployment insurance. I tried to find a number for it, and I thought I found it, but it ended up being the Unemployed Help Center in Pickering. It wasn't what I was looking for. I figured I would get unemployment, and be directed towards a center like this afterwards. The person I spoke to suggested that I set up an interview session. I figured, hey, I've got time on my hands. I might as well go. It couldn't hurt. When I got there, I filled out a simple application and was introduced to Prachi. She went over what they did there, help with resumes, job search sites, and even practice interviews. I was eager to find work, so I was easily convinced to stay. Over out next few meetings, she greatly improved my resume and I loved that she made three different versions of it, one for General Labour, one for Security, and one for Customer Service. I believe it was just my second meeting with her, where she informed me about a job fair for Signature Aluminum. Everything seemed right about the job, so I was in. I took my new resume and went. Thankfully I was meeting with Prachi, where we had planned to do our practice interviews. And believe me, I was glad we did. Everyone is usually a little nervous when it comes to interviews, but I usually do pretty good. I've had a lot of interviews, but I've always felt that I just didn't have the right answers. Prachi helped me with that greatly, explaining what the interviewers are really looking for when they ask you each questions. I was still a little nervous when Wednesday finally came around, even thinking of excuses not to go, but I went, because I knew I was prepared. I was interviewed by three people. They had lots of questions, but none came to me as a surprise. I was prepared! They told me I would be notified by Monday if I got the job. They called me early Friday morning and I had the job. I'm getting ready for my first day of work at Signature Aluminum, and it is all thanks to Prachi and the people at the Unemployed Help Center.”


“Thank you for checking and making sure I'm doing ok. I'm doing pretty great. I actually found 2 part time jobs in the library and museum field; one at the Oshawa public library and one at the Clarington museums and archives :)  It’s been great to get back to work. Life is a little busy but to get something in my field is pretty awesome. Thank you so much for your help, I have received many compliments on the resume and all the tips you gave were a great help.”


“Yes, I have a job in Oshawa…It's been a long eight months as you know…I would like to say thank you for all of your help, without you and the Help Centre being available my job searching would be a huge burden. You gave me all the information for employment searches and the different paths that I could take (that was a lot of info) and look at how many changes we made to those paths…Please say a Big Thank You to all the staff at the Help Centre. I think there might be days where things just aren't going smoothly, but you should all know just how much your experience and skills are truly appreciated. Thank you very much for all you have done to make my life so much easier.”


“I just wanted to send an email your way thanking you for the resumes you have made for me, with your help/support; I was able to get a lot of job opportunities. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me.”


“Everyone I have met has recognized the difficulties and concerns brought about by job loss. AND you are all there to help!  You know what to do to help us; I don't feel like I am trying to wade through my job search all on my own. Thank you!”


“Thanks again for a very productive meeting.  I feel more energized and focused with clear steps to take.”


“A few weeks ago, I would never believe that I'm actually saying this - I do not need more work at the moment. Once again, thank you for your assistance, guidance, and motivation. It definitely played a role in my obtaining this part-time position, one I look forward to as a new challenge and opportunity for growth.”


“David was wonderful and helped with more than just the job search, but keeping me on a positive note after crying on our first visit out of frustration.”


Client moved from Quebec and got a job working at Costco: “You sit with us and help look for jobs instead of just saying here is your papers have fun. I also like the funding, example if you need shoes for work or clothes or the criminal record check you guys can help which is great because if we don’t have money it’s a stress factor to figure out a way to get all that and more. You take the stress out of looking for a job which is great.”


Client was laid off from large downtown law firm where she was working as a legal assistant. She had a lot of anxiety and was feeling extreme stress about being unemployed. She utilized the workshops here and met with me often to discuss her job search and her options. Six month after her lay off client secured a legal assistant position working for a lawyer she likes at a large law firm downtown. She wrote an email to MPP Tracey MacCharles stating: “As my local MPP I would like to share with you the positive experience that I have had with the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre, Pickering.  Until I became unemployed, I did not know of its existence… this non-profit, provincial and federal government funded service has been a life-saving resource to me.”


Client with an MBA and experience working in finance/banking immigrated to Canada from India in October 2013 and had been working at a Subway Restaurant.  DRUHC worked with the client on his job search and provided a voucher to have his degree assessed. The end result after receiving service was a paid internship through Career Edge with the Ministry of Finance. Client had felt discouraged with his job search and stated: “I have no words to explain the kind of support and confidence I get after meeting you.” 

Welcome Centre Service for Newcomers

"I am very pleased to let you know that I have received confirmation to teach part-time at Niagara College… I wish to place on record your very helpful advice and guidance throughout the period I was anxiously job searching at your resource centre. Please give the good news to all the very amiable staff of the resource centre… As an immigrant yourself you are very aware and sensitive to all cultural needs/issues and hurdles that new immigrants to Canada face and you are always there to help us. Keep this up and success will always be yours."


“For over a year now, I have tried sending my resume to this organization (Toronto EMS) and have not received any response. On the second day of the Module 1 workshop, I began to understand as to why my resume was not working for me; so I revised, reformatted and resent my resume. Guess what? I got an email of acknowledgement and credentials to submit.” 


A client with an MBA & CPA/CMA Designations secured a career-related position immediately after attending the JSW workshop.  Prior to the workshop, client experienced difficulties in his job search inspite of his qualifications. The workshop, he shared, has “tremendously opened my eyes to the many ways of strategizing job search within the Canadian context”. …“not everyone knows about JSW - the Welcome Package provided at the port of entry should make attendance to JSW 'mandatory!”



"The DRUHC was quick in responding to my need to hire. So quick, in fact, that I was able to hire a new employee within one week of calling the Help Centre."


"The candidate screening process was very helpful. I didn't have to spend the time or money to whittle down the candidates myself. Instead, the staff at the Help Centre cut my work in half and presented me with only skilled, qualified applicants."


"The service was excellent - professional, quick and hassle-free. I'll definitely call the Help Centre when I'm hiring again."


“I would like take this opportunity to thank you for your help in finding us employees. You have been a great benefit to our business. The candidate selection have been very positive and driven towards the profile we are looking for. We hope to build this bond and keep it in the future. We look forward to continue working in the future. Michelle and the team were very professional and timely with all candidates. They were there to support us if there were any issues. Thanks again for your support.”


“I was happily surprised by the incredible client management by Michelle C. I didn’t expect prompt, professional and polite treatment. Unfortunately I expected a lower standard of service & communication, but received the best service possible. The service was perfect; Michelle even dropped off our employment cheques at the business office. I also appreciate that this program pays for tools & equipment that the participants need to perform their job. This equipment has enabled my “staff” member to start her own business and work freelance in her industry.”


“Valentino's Grande Salon has been using the services of the Unemployed Help Centre for the past year. Their training incentive has been very helpful in supporting both our business and new trainees.  Without the assistance provided by the Unemployed Help Centre, the salon would have limited growth, and much less opportunity to employ more members of our community.  Their assistance has allowed us to further strengthen our training program, as well as provided opportunity to apprentices who otherwise may not have been able to begin their training/careers with us.  We have dealt personally with Michelle who has been an excellent contact to have.  Everything is always handled professionally and efficiently, and she has helped make the transition period for new employees absolutely seamless for everyone involved.  We absolutely recommend Michelle, and the Unemployed Help Centre whole heartedly.”


The testimonials quoted above are only a small sample of the letters and verbal appreciation our staff receives on a regular basis for a service that is truly client driven.


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