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There are a wealth of services provided to you by the federal and provincial government.


As a government funded organization, it is our goal to share information that may be useful to you and your family.


In this issue of Employment E-News, learn about Income Reform, the new Canada Child Benefit, Status of Women, Immigration and much more.

Income Security Reforms

Social Services Minister, Helena Jaczek, claims that all low-income Ontarians will benefit from reforms to income security.



Helena Jaczek's mandate is to help improve income security for vulnerable Ontario residents.


The Goal: To create an easy-to-understand system of support (both inside and outside of the social assistance program that seeks to provide adequate incomes) and to administer the program equitably across the province.


Reforms are slotted to take place once the provinical debt has been eliminated in 2018. Read more.


Minimum Wage Increase


The Minimum Wage is set to increase this fall.



On October 1, 2016, the minimum wage will rise from $11.25 to $11.40. Read the announcement.


Accessibility Legislation


Canadians can now participate in online consultations related to the development of planned Accessibility Legislation. Learn about it by clicking here.


Average Weekly Earnings

Statistics Canada compiles statistics to "help better understand Canada, its population, resources, economy, society, and culture."



In March, the average weekly earnings of employees in Ontario were up .05% from the previous month, currently at $960/week for an average of 32.9 hours. A 0.7% increase has been recorded over a 12 month period.


"The increase in weekly earnings reflects a number of factors, including wage growth, changes in the composition of employment by industry, occupation and level of job experience, as well as average hours worked per week."


View the weekly average salary in provinces across Ontario.

Activities in Durham


There are plenty of fantastic low-cost and no-cost activities in the Durham Region.



Spend some time skipping stones at your favourite waterfront location, attend a festival, follow the trails and so much more!


Click "What to Do" at Durham Tourism for more ideas.


Canada Child Benefit

The highly touted new Canada Child Benefit (CCB) launched in July - the program replaces the Canada Child Tax Benefit, the Universal Child Care Benefit and Income Splitting.



The amounut of the benefit will depend on income, number of children and their ages. High income families will receive less money than low income families. Learn about the new CCB.


Mental Health Training


More than 1,000 primary care providers (family doctors and nurses) from across Ontario will receive specialized mental health training to support children and youth.



The new 'ECHO' program will be facilitated by the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).


Health care providers will participate in videoconferencing and mentoring sessions with CHEO specialists.


Learn more about the benefits of the program.


Status of Women

Gender equality and ensuring the safety of women and girls is a priority for the Government of Canada.



The Minister of Status of Women, Patty Hajdu, is leading the development and implementation of a new strategy to prevent gender-based violence.


The strategy is intended to strengthen federal efforts through a coordinated, collaborative and evidence-based approach.


Read about it by clicking here.


Job Opportunities

- Electrician

- Managing Optician

- Produce Department Clerk

- Window and Door Installers

- Metal Inert Gas Welder

- Crossing Guards

- Warehouse Foreperson

- Distribution Services Supervisor

- Campus ID Clerks

- Clinic Informatics Specialist

- Sales Associate

- Waste Services Supervisor

- Administrative Assistant

- Senior Financial Analyst

- Manufacturing Engineer

- Housing & Leasing Manager

- Child and Youth Worker

- CNC Mill Machinist

- City Clerk

- Ward Clerk

- Quality Control Manager

- Greenhouse Worker

- Senior CAD Designer

- Rehabilitation Support Worker

- Warehouse/Loader/Helper

- Personal Support Worker

- Retail Sales Associate

- Support Worker

- Merchandise Associate

- Inside Sales Rep


Note: The Job Opportunities listed may expire throughout the month.


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Immigration Conversation


The Government of Canada believes that Canada's strength lies in its diversity. In July, a national conversation about immigration was launched.



"Immigrants have always been a central part of Canada’s success. The contributions of newcomers result in jobs, innovation and economic growth. Immigrants also strengthen our country socially and culturally."


Immigration has always been a valued link to the story of Canada. The government is reaching out to Canadians to help continue writing the next chapters of the story.


Until August 15th, 2016, Canadians can get on-line to offer their unique perspective on what immigration means for Canada and how we can continue to grow our nation through immigration.


Other activities related to the national conversation about immigration will include round-table discussions and public opinion research.


This ambitious undertaking to gather feedback from Canadians will help guide the future of immigration in Canada. Participate Now!



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