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We hope you are enjoying the summer!


It's a great time to enjoy staycations and get to know some of the local attractions.


It's also a great time to look for work. With a record low employment rate, there are many jobs available in the Durham Region.


What could be better than the ability to work and play at home!


We can help you tailor your résumé to suit the positions that you are interested in. Contact us to schedule an appointment with an Employment Counsellor.


Gain additional assistance by attending free job search workshops.


Slay with Your Résumé

The most challenging part of the job search is getting an interview.



How you communicate your skills, experience and interests on a résumé is essential to landing an interview.


Customize each résumé to ensure that the overall tone matches the description of the position. Use wording associated with the job description and examples that demonstrate your experience and achievements.


Many companies are utilizing technology to screen potential candidates. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are being used as tools to search for specific key words. Ensure that keywords are used throughout your cover letter and résumé.


Take special care in using a clean layout with an easy-to-read font. Points or sentences should be short and concise.


We have free workshops available to help you create a results oriented, memorable and professional résumé. Visit us at one of our two locations.


For more résumé tips, read "How to create a résumé that will slay".

Youth? Unemployed?


Unemployed Youth? We can get you working.



Connect with a group of peers in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment.

Gain mentorship, support, education, skills and employment.


There are several Employment Ontario programs available through the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre designed to assist youth in obtaining employment.


Find out which youth program is right for you.


Connect with us for more information.


Need our assistance? Employment Counsellors are available to help.



Schedule an appointment today!

We Employ 40+ People

Not only is the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre a service provider, we are also an employer of >40 full time staff. Recently, we advertised four vacancies and we were overwhelmed with the response we received to our ad; over 550 résumés were received. 



This afforded us not only the opportunity to review résumés to determine suitable candidates but also an opportunity to review the applications to gather interesting statistical data. 


Of the resumes received only 39% had relevant work experience, 4% had relevant academic training but no work experience, only 5% took the time to include a cover letter, 25% took the time to relate past work experience to the role, 70% of the resumes were ‘generic’ not targeted to the advertised position, 8% had indicated they were willing to move although many were within easy travel distance. 


We are not unlike other employers, we will only seriously review the applications that met requirements. 


What is your strategy when applying for jobs? Do you send them out through various search engines and hope someone will reply? Or are you a person who takes the time to only apply for jobs that match your skills and education? Do you attach a cover letter? Do you follow up on your application? 


If you are frustrated with the lack of results of your job search, make an appointment with one of our specialists in job search and let us help you make every application count and turn the lack of employer response to employment offers.


Best Relocation Destination



According to Jim Harris, Business and Innovation Expert, Canada is a favourite place to relocate - in fact, it's the second most popular location in the world.



The Irish Times put together an interesting article outlining everything you need to know when moving to Canada including information about employment, visas, schools, insurance, healthcare and more.


If you know someone who is interested in moving to the area, the Durham Immigration Portal and the Durham Welcome Centres are excellent resources.


Research Local Business

Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Canada’s economy and account for more than 80% of employment in the Durham Region and in the Province of Ontario.



We work with Employers to help them find the right candidate to meet their hiring needs. Having worked with more than 700 employers in the area, we are familiar with both the varied and specific needs of Small to Medium Sized Businesses.


Get to know the businesses in your community!


Find out who you want to work for and what you can do to help grow their business.


Visit our website for links to your local Municipality, Board of Trade or Chamber of Commerce to find business directories in the Durham Region.


Social Integration

York University academic and associate professor, Jelena Zikic, conducted a study to understand why some newcomers in Canada succeed professionally, while others do not.



Her study identified social integration as one of the key factors that contribute to the success of newcomers in their careers in Canada.


Zikic says. “People who succeed and overcome the barriers are those who are able to relate to locals in a way that allows them to connect to the local culture to create new relationships and in this way also to pursue new work opportunities.”


Jelena Zikic emphasizes the importance of communication, relationships and persistence as contributing factors to success.


Read more about the study here.

Path to Newcomers Success

We are pleased to announce that the second group of participants from the Path to Newcomers Success (PNS) program have completed pre-employment and language training.


Participants of the program are refugees, refugee claimants and permanent residents who are unemployed and eligible to work in Canada.


To date, ten participants have found work as machine operators, customer service representatives, food prep, cleaners and assemblers. 


A third session of the program is planned for October 2018.


For more information and to register, please contact Qahar Andisha, Program Facilitator.


Ph. 905-420-3008 - Pickering

Ph. 905-579-1821 - Oshawa

Email - qandisha@unemployedhelp.on.ca


PNS is a new provincially funded employment program.


Click to view the flyer for the Path to Newcomers Success Program.

Summer Promotion?

For many reasons, summer may not seem like the best time to ask for a promotion or advance your career.



Visier, a workforce analytics company, issued a new report that analysed data from 3.5 million employees at almost 80 American companies.


According to the report, summer and vacation season are actually the best times to ask for promotions.


It may have something to do with the fiscal year or the warm weather that makes managers feel generous.


In any case, now may be the best time to ask for a promotion.


Read the inc.com article by clicking here.


Job Development Increase!

We have increased our Job Development team by 100%!


The Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre has increased its job development team from four to eight dedicated staff. 


Four job developers will be reaching out to employers to find employment for youth; one is dedicated to finding opportunities for people new to Canada, where language is a barrier, and three are dedicated to finding employment opportunities for the general population. 


What does this mean for you? It means that we will be pounding the pavement, on-the phone, promoting services to match our clients with employment opportunities, mostly in the ‘hidden job market’ (not advertised).

If you have become frustrated with your job search, call or come in and let us start working to help you realize your employment goal.

Events in Durham Region

Are you looking for fun things to do this summer?



Check out the Durham Immigration Portal's Community calendar and the Discovering Durham Community Events and Festivals calendar!


Job Opportunities


- Oshawa - Election Job Fair

- Bookstore Positions

- Admin/Clerical Support

- Porter/Laundry

- Veterinary Receptionist

- Production Worker

- Children's Program Assistant

- Office of Student Life

- Switchboard Operator

- Post Office Assistant

- Office Coordinator

- School Bus Driver

- Chiropractic Assistant


Please view the DRUHC Job Portal or come in to one of the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre locations to view many more job postings.


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Newcomer Fair This Fall



Newcomers, get involved in the community and get to know the Durham Region and the people who live here.



The Newcomer Volunteer Fair is coming this Fall 2018.


Interact with representatives from community organizations to learn of current volunteer opportunities.


Speakers will present on the benefits of volunteering (e.g. networking and job search).


Volunteers will share their views on how volunteering helped them settle in Canada and find employment.   


Are you a newcomer or immigrant or know someone who is? Save the date!


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Oshawa Library, McLaughlin Branch

12:00pm - 6:00pm








272 King St, Oshawa, ON





1400 Bayly Street, Unit 12, Pickering, ON




Specializing in services to Newcomers to Canada


1400 Bayly Street, Unit 5, Pickering, ON




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