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Summer is in full swing but fall is just around the corner.


It’s a great time to enjoy the warm weather and to strategize your job search for the upcoming season.


Learn about the Labour Market in your area and research employers who might be of interest.


Find out what type of training and skills you need for the position/s that you are interested in.


The Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre can help you with your job search strategy.


Contact us to schedule an appointment with an Employment Counsellor.


Survey Says Skills Training

A recent HSBC survey found that investing in training has become an important focus for Canadian businesses.



Outlined in the report, Navigator: Made for the Future, are the results of a study that surveyed twenty-five hundred business leaders in various countries. Two hundred of the decision makers were from Canada.


Almost half of the Canadian leaders surveyed indicated that they planned to focus on skills training for their staff in the next two years.


According to Leah Nord, Director of Skills and Immigration Policy at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (representing 200,000 Canadian businesses), labour shortages are a huge issue for businesses in Canada.


With job vacancies and skills shortages on the rise, employers are looking for ways to improve retention and help employees build the skills they need at work.


According to Leah Nord, it is essential for Canadian businesses to invest more in retraining, "upskilling" or "re-skilling" workers. Read the Radio Canada International article.


Employers, we can help you offset the cost of training through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant.


Ajax Library and Employment

Are you a youth, adult or newcomer hoping to learn about Job Search strategies?



Gain the knowledge and skills to better understand strategies, business perspectives and next steps related to the job search process.


Join us at the Ajax Library to meet with a Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre representative for information and assistance.


Ajax Library, McLean Branch Wednesday, August 14 at 4:30pm


Read: What’s On at the Ajax Library.


Changing Work Policies

A recent conference in Toronto - Brave New Work World gathered experts in labour, business, education and government to discuss the changing work world and the policies required to help shape it.



Unifor's former head economist, Jim Stanford, attended the conference. According to Jim, "There’s more R & D in a dollar of GDP in the manufacturing industry than any other sector of the economy".


Jim spoke to the Toronto Star about the future of manufacturing in Canada, and shared cautions taken from the decline of the auto industry in Australia and states why he believes that the gig economy is not the next evolution of work.


Click to read more.


Inclusive Workplace Tools

Achieving an inclusive workplace calls for a strategic, informed approach.



The TRIEC learning web portal has helpful modules and pratical tools to help employers put a plan in place to build an inclusive workplace.


Sign up for free! Visit http://www.trieclearning.ca.


City of Oshawa and TRIEC

The City of Oshawa has become an employer partner of the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership!



The City of Oshawa has committed to strengthening diversity and inclusion by further supporting newcomer professionals.


Through the partnership with TRIEC, the City of Oshawa helps nurture a culture of continuous learning, innovation, inclusion and collaboration.


Read more about the partnership.


Global Skills Strategy

The Global Skills Strategy offers Canadian employers fast and reliable access to top global talent.



Eligible newcomer applicants are required to submit specific documents with their application.


Learn more about the Global Skills Strategy.


Ontario also aims to draw Express Entry candidates with tech experience. Read more.


LinkedIn for Newcomers

Newcomers, are you interested in learning how to use LinkedIn to help you with your job search?



Join us on Wednesday, August 14th from 3:00pm - 4:15pm at the Ajax Welcome Centre.

- Discover how to use LinkedIn to build your professional network

- Learn how LinkedIn can help make your job search more effective

- Begin to create a LinkedIn profile or edit an existing profile during the workshop


Click to view the flyer. *Registration is required.


Job Search Success

Newcomer Connie L. met with an Employment Counsellor in Oshawa and was referred to the Job Search Workshop (JSW) program and the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership.



Connie arrived in Canada with over 10 years of work experience in Marketing and Business including working with Non-Profit Organizations. She completed her Master’s in Media Studies and Bachelor’s in Business Administration prior to arriving in Canada.


Connie was referred to the JSW program as she had been applying for jobs online but had not received any response to her applications. Connie needed help on how to effectively apply for jobs online and how to effectively respond to the interview process in the Canadian context. Connie had a limited professional network in the GTA therefore Connie was referred to the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership where she was assigned a mentor in her field who assisted her with professional insight and support during her job search.


“I will say the JSW and Mentorship program is very beneficial to newcomers, not only the technical skills but also the support I feel in my heart. Stay positive always. Believe in yourself. If you never try, you never know. If you think something may work, just find ways to achieve it step by step. Last but not least, talking to people with a positive mindset that can give you advice is important.”


Connie is now employed by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Toronto. Connie shared that her TRIEC Mentoring Partnership mentor provided insights and advice during her job search. Connie appreciated the Welcome Centre staff’s expertise and support that helped her to stay positive.


Click to read more of Connie’s success story.


Dial 211 For Assistance

When you don’t know where to turn, dial 2-1-1.



211 can connect you with community, social, health and government services across Ontario. Dial 211 for free and confidential help available 24/7 in 150+languages!

Big White Wall

Big White Wall is an anonymous online peer support and self-management tool for adults and youth 16+ experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate depression and anxiety. This is a free, around the clock service staffed by trained Wall Guides. Self-refer today!


DRT Announcement

Exciting news! All children ages 12 and under can now ride Durham Region Transit for FREE with a fare paying passenger.



No special passes or tickets are required.


The summer 2-for-1 Youth Pass is back! $93.50 is all it costs for unlimited travel on DRT for July and August.


Click for more information.


Workplace Accessibility

It's time for businesses to prepare for upcoming workplace accessibility rules.



Bill C-81, the Accessible Canada Act, has been approved by the federal government. The objective of the legislation is to ensure that Canada is barrier-free by 2040.


Employers are being asked to be proactive in assessing the accessibility in their workplaces.


Click to read more about Bill C-81.


Gordon Foods is Hiring

Gordon Foods in Ajax is hiring!



If you're looking for a job in the Durham Region this is a great opportunity.


Two hundred positions are available!


Contact careers.ajax@gfs.com for information.

Trades Shortages and Bias

According to a recent Statistics Canada's Labour Force Survey, women have made only marginal gains in the trades from 2008-2018.



In 2008, 934,000 people in Canada were working in industrial, electrical and construction trades. Women accounted for only 34,600, or 3.7% of those positions.


In 2018, the number of people working in the trades shrank to 895,400. The number of women in trades rose only slightly from 34,600 to 34,800.


A number of government initiatives seek to improve the numbers but cultural and structural barriers do not necessarily make the trades welcoming or appealing to women.


Mandy Rennehan, CEO of Freshco Reconstruction, is helping promote trades for women. She states that acceptance is a big barrier. Women face "extreme expectations". Generally it takes more time for women to earn the respect of their co-workers than it does for male counterparts. According to Mandy, "You have to prove yourself constantly over and over again... men can prove themselves once."


An acute shortage of trades workers in Canada has a negative economic impact on the country. Addressing cultural and social deterrents that prevent women from entering the trades makes good business sense. Mandy Rennehan states that a shortage of skilled workers has had a massive negative impact on her business as she has had to turn down millions of dollars of contracts. 


Read the CBC article, Women are making inroads in the trades but still have a ways to go.


Be Prepared for Storm Season

It’s storm season! Be ready for power outages, flash flooding and windstorms.



Devise your emergency plan and kits!


International Youth Day

There are 1.8 billion young people (aged 10 and 24) in the world - it is the largest youth population ever.



August 12th is International Youth Day! Learn more via United Nations.


Job Opportunities


- General Labourer

- Industrial Millwright

- Cooks and Chefs

- Personal Support Workers

- Industrial Technician

- Warehouse Assistant - Student


Go to our Job Portal or visit us at one our locations for more job postings.


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Access IO @ OPG



Have you heard of Access IO?



Access IO is a series of high-energy and high-impact events focused on sourcing new technologies, investing, making connections, telling stories, promoting the investor ecosystem, supporting innovation, and growing the regional and Canadian economy.


On June 26th, the Access IO @ Ontario Power Generation event took place at OPG's Clarington location.


Jason Wight, Director of Engineering at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, Ontario Power Generation and Founder of OPG’s Innovation Accelerator, X-Lab, encapsulates the spirit of Access IO in a short overview video.








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