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Get a head start on the future...


The hectic pace of the holiday season can take a physical, emotional and mental toll.


Ensure that you take time for yourself. It may be a good idea to set aside some time to envision your future.


"The secret to getting ahead is getting started." ~ Mark Twain


Make a plan! Pinpoint what you would like to achieve and outline the mindset, skills, attributes, education, training and costs that may be involved in making your dreams a reality.


On the employment side, a Counsellor can help you develop a custom action plan to meet your career objectives.


Schedule an appointment and start today!


Skills You Need

A challenged and stimulated brain could be key to a successful life.



The interest and pursuit of life long learning can help you continuously expand your mind and acquire new skills.


Wondering which attributes and skills can help you improve your life and career?


Grit involves passion and perserverance to achieve long term goals.


Being able to adapt to changing circumstances is important in a fast-paced, ever-evolving world.


Mindfulness and action can you help you silence your inner critic.


Learn to say no. Do the things that energize you and make you feel content.


Critical thinking is a great problem-solving tool that can assist you with all aspects of life.


Emotional intelligence skills can help you build important social and business relationships.


Thankfully, all of these traits can be developed with practice. Start with small but consistent steps to cultivate these skills.


Read more.


Do It In Durham 2016


Do It In Durham evolved through discussion with a number of organizations in the Durham Region.



They asked, How Can We


“... inspire and support entrepreneurship and provide a platform for businesses to come together, to learn, grow, succeed and connect?"


Now in its 4th year, ‘Do It In Durham’ has become a major part of the business calendar in Durham Region.


This year, from November 14 to 18, ‘Do it in Durham’ brought together a series of partners who hosted events for the benefit of Durham’s Entrepreneurial Community.


Learn more.

En-Visioning the Future

Visualization is a powerful tool that has long been used by athletes and professionals.



In order to visualize, you need to clearly identify your goals and formulate a plan with actionable steps.


Try creating a Vision Board. Pay special attention to how you will feel once you meet your goals.


Gather some old magazines and remove the words, phrases, images and colours that inspire you. Use canvas or bristol board as a base and start pasting! It's that simple.


Click for more vision board suggestions.


Express Entry Made Easy


Changes to Express Entry took place in November 2016.



To ensure a fair and responsive immigration system, the Government is making continuous improvements that address emerging needs.


The Express Entry system is intended for highly skilled newcomers who are able to quickly contribute to Canada’s society and economy.


Internationally Trained Skilled Newcomers also help strengthen Canada’s position in the global market. Read about the changes.


The Mentoring Partnership


Are you an Internationally Trained Professional who wants to understand the Canadian Labour Market and network with professionals in your field?


Matches between mentors and mentees are made according to shared occupation and industry. Other criteria considered for compatibility could include shared educational background and similar work experience.


The next scheduled Information Session for The Mentoring Partnership is on December 7, 2016 at the Pickering location from 11:00am – 12:00pm.


5 Years Serving Newcomers!

On November 29th, the Durham Welcome Centres celebrated five years of servicing the newcomer community with Open Houses in Pickering and Ajax.



Pickering Welcome Centre Manager, Pam DeWilde, presents a gift to Dr. Hugh Drouin in recognition of the Region of Durham's leadership in building welcoming communities.



Guest Speakers included Regional Municipality of Durham Chair, Roger Anderson and Welcome Centre Cient, Wafaa Alo



Ajax Welcome Centre Manager, Hermia Corbette presents at the Ajax Welcome Centre.


Many local diginitaries, politicians, stakeholders and past participants attended to celebrate the accomplishments of the Durham Welcome Centres and a shared vision to help newcomers succeed.


Best Schools in Canada


What are students' favourite schools in Canada?



Maclean's wanted to know what Canadian students like and don't like about their schools. They went straight to the source to get answers.


They heard from 16,955 students on a range of topics from: living in residence; interaction with professors and staff; extracurricular activities; sexual assault; and mental health.


Learn more.


Concerned About the Future?

Are you the parent of an unemployed youth between the ages of 15 - 29?



According to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey, one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Canada belongs to the Oshawa Census Metropolitan Area which includes Oshawa, Whitby and Clarington.


There are government programs designed to help youth achieve their employment goals.


We can help! Contact us today.


Help Feed the Need

Help Feed the Need In Durham (FTND) with their Holiday Food Drive Challenge.



FTND is a food hub in Oshawa that distributes food to approximately 50 organizations including food banks, shelters and soup kitchens in Durham.


They rely heavily on community and corporate support.


Want to know how you can help? Click here.


If you are in need, find a Food Bank here.


50 Editions of E-News!

This month marks the 50th edition of Employment E-News - an on-line publication designed to help support Job Seekers in the Durham Region.



Since we started Employment E-News, our subscriber list has grown to almost 5000 people.


We are committed to offering up-to-date information on: Job Postings, Workshops, News & Events, Job Search Tips, Networking Opportunities, Resources, Local Employers, Job / Career Fairs, Success Stories, and more.


Job Opportunities

Caregiver or PSW - PT

Logistics Coordinators

Security Guard - PT

Driver/Courier - PT

Quick Service Crew Member

Residential Cleaning Specialist

Dental Receptionist

Dental Assistant


School Bus Driver

Farm Labourer

Construction Labourer

Counter Help, Restaurant

Garage Door Service Technician

Entry Sales, Transportation

Apprentice or Technician

Sales Support - PT

House Cleaning & Errands - PT

Team Leads

Limo Drivers

Dagmar Ski Resort Positions

General Labourer

Security Guard

Telemarketing Recruiters

Graphic Designer and Production Specialist

Keys To Us - Team Drivers


Note: The Job Opportunities listed may expire throughout the month.


Please come in to one of the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre locations to view many more job postings.


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Pulse Production in Canada


Did you know that 65% of the world’s lentils are grown in Canada?



India's rising incomes, increased popluation and a growing desire to eat plant based protein is driving the demand for pulses, including lentils and peas.


The Prairies’ dry, fast draining soil and short growing season is perfect for growing pulses. Canadian pulse farmers, primarily in Saskatchewan, are enjoying premium prices in world markets.


The demand has transformed Canada's prairies, traditionally know as wheat growers. According to the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, Saskatchewan has almost doubled the number of acres planted with lentils and peas since 2002, currently at 7.5 million acres.


Growing pulses also has agronomic benefits to the soil and other crops adding nitrogen back into the soil and break cycles of disease. It's good news all around for farmers who grow pulses.


Find out more about this cash crop by reading the Globe and Mail article.



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