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The holiday season can be festive and joyful, but for many, it can also be stressful – especially when unemployed.


While we can help you with employment services and resources, there are many organizations in the Durham Region that can help with other support services.


In this edition of Employment E-News, we list some of the services available to help and offer some de-stressing tips.


The staff at DRUHC wishes you the very best during holiday season!

Services to Support You

There are many no-cost/low-cost services and resources in the Durham Region available to help you with your specific needs.



DRUHC has compiled an extensive list of community and government services available to meet the needs of our service users. Please schedule an appointment with an Employment Counsellor for more information.


If you are in need of family and senior services, income support and more, visit the Durham Region Social Services webpage.


For housing or shelter information, please visit: Housing, Shelters and Homelessness.


If needed, there are many foodbanks in the Durham Region. Click to view food bank locations for more information.


Looking for something else? The Durham Region also has a community support checklist that may help you find the services that you need. Click here for more information.


De-stress and Get Outside!


It doesn't just feel good to get outside – according to science there are health benefits too.



Did you know that being in nature can help you:


- Improve short-term memory

- De-stress

- Reduce inflammation

- Decrease feelings of fatigue

- Reduce depression and anxiety


Bundle up and get outside! It's a great way to spend quality time with family and friends this season.


Health and Eating Well

Diet plays an important part in maintaining health and well-being.



While it is tempting to eat sweets and treats over the holidays, why not try a fruit smoothie to satisfy a craving? A combination of bananas, blueberries, oranges and rasberries makes a power-packed energy booster.


Read more on the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

GM Closure - 2500+ jobs lost

It's the end of an era for General Motors in Oshawa.



A restructuring plan to focus on electric and autonomous vehicle programs has prompted the closure of the GM plant in Oshawa - currently employing more than 2500 people.


It is a huge disapointment for residents in the community. Oshawa has had a long history with the carriage and automobile industry, beginning more than 180 years ago.


In 1832, Irish immigrant, John McLaughlin started a carriage factory operation in Oshawa. By 1900 it was the largest company in the British Empire before operations changed to automobiles.


General Motors has been in Oshawa for >100 years. In the 1980's, GM employed 23,000 people. In 2005, GM eliminated more than 3,700 jobs and in 2008, GM received a $60-billion bailout package from the Ontario, Canadian and U.S. government.


The closure of the Oshawa plant will create a ripple effect throughout the region.


If you or a family member are impacted by the closure, we can help through various employment supports.


The Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre has a long-standing relationship with CAW/Unifor.


Our organization first started in 1983 because of President of UAW, Bob White. His desire was to establish a Help Centre for people who did not have organized labour representation. Learn more about DRUHC's history.


Learn more about Oshawa's history with the carriage and auto industry.



Ajax BizFest 2018



The Town of Ajax recently held its 3rd annual Ajax BizFest during "Do It in Durham" week – part of a series of events to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week.



At Ajax BizFest, the Town of Ajax brings together community, government and financial organizations that provide invaluable support services to citizens and businesses in the Durham Region.


Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre was on-site to talk to businesses about employer services available to help them.


Take a look at the Global Durham video by clicking here.



How to Become a Page



Young people can become Pages in the House of Commons.


The annual recruitment cycle is from October to December. Interviews and screening process

may run until April. Learn more.


Youth Newcomer Fair

On Friday, November 16, Settlement Workers in the Schools (SWIS), DRUHC and the Durham Welcome Centres offered their first Volunteer Fair for Newcomer Youth in the Durham Region thanks to funding from the Ontario government.



Despite a heavy snowfall, approximately 165 students from 23 schools across the Durham Region attended the Youth Newcomer Volunteer Fair at Donald A. Wilson Secondary School in Whitby.


Guest Speaker Michele Watson, Manager of Information Services at United Way shared benefits of volunteering and explained how to search the Volunteer Durham website to view volunteer opportunities in the community.


Durham Region Police Services were on-site to talk about youth volunteering, rights and responsibilities.


Several agencies throughout the Durham Region including Community Care Durham, CLOCA, Girls Inc., AIDS Committee of Durham Region, DRUHC, CDCD, Habitat for Humanity, and others shared information about available opportunities.


Youth were energized and engaged at this very successful event!


View the Newcomer Youth Volunteer Fair video.


Viola Desmond Banknote

The new Canadian $10 banknote has gone into circulation!



The $10 vertical banknote features the first Canadian woman on a banknote!


Civil rights pioneer and business woman, Viola Desmond, as well as the Canadian Museum for Human Rights are now on the $10 Canadian bill. Read more.


Technology Trends 2019

Advancing technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to be a major trend in the future of business.



In order to support the growing trend, a skilled labour force is needed. Knowing business trends can help you determine a career path.


Click to view the top technology trends and the jobs they will create.


Happy Holidays

Please note our holiday closures below:





December 25, 2018

December 26, 2018

January 1, 2019


Job Opportunities


- Carpenter

- Early Childhood Educator

- Student Clerk, Customer Service

- Plumber, Maintenance & Repair

- Delivery Truck Driver

- Heavy Equipment Field Mechanic


View many more job postings through the DRUHC Job Portal or come in to one of our locations.


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Gig Economy



The gig economy is growing rapidly. It is predicted that by 2020, 40% of workers will be part of the gig economy.



What is the gig economy? It's basically a free market system where employers hire independent contractors for temporary or contract positions rather than hiring employees.


Learn how the growing gig economy is changing your career.








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