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The warm weather has finally arrived! Our new summer students have been hired and they are working hard on projects intended to help job seekers and employers.


Of interest to job seekers is our new e-learning program that is currently being developed.


Many years ago, a young summer student hired to create a "Virtual Resource Centre" for the DRUHC website. This multi-media e-learning program was way ahead of its time and proved to be instrumental in DRUHC receiving a Minister's Award of Excellence.


While much of the information is still useful and relevant, the Virtual Resource Centre is in need of an update. Watch for the launch of EEE - E-Learning Employment Education!

E-Learning Coming Soon!

Over the summer, the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre will be developing a series of E-Learning Workshops to offer greater accessibility to those who are not able to visit our offices in person.



The program, E-Learning Employment Education (EEE), is intended to help both youth and adults gain the required knowledge to secure employment.


In addition to offering foundational workshops such as Résumé, Cover Letter Writing and Interview Preparation, we will also provide information related to Maintaining a Professional Presence On-line, On-line Job Search, Apprenticeship Exploration, Building Self-Confidence, and more.


Let us know what other employment topics that you are interested in by contacting us here.


If you would like to know when EEE launches, send us an email and we will add your name to our growing subscriber "First-To-Know" list - never a charge.


June 1st is Here!

A reminder that the General Minimum Wage increased from $10.25/hour to $11/hour on June 1st, 2014.




Click here for more information about the Minimum Wage.


We Need Youth!

Are you looking for employment but finding it difficult to enter into the workforce?




As part of our new E-learning Employment Education (EEE) series, we are asking youth about their first-hand experience on some of the obstacles faced in finding meaningful entry level employment.


We would love to hear about your personal experience!


Contact us if you would like to gain exposure by appearing on the DRUHC website or simply send us an email identifying some of the challenges that you have encountered in seeking employment.


Aged 15-29? Did You Know?

Since the Youth Employment Fund launched in September 2013, we have placed more than 110 youth with employers. Up to $6800 is available to help employers offset the cost of hiring youth (under 30)!




The YOUTH EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM can help you with:


• 4-6 Month Job Placement

• Potential Long-Term Employment

• Transferable On-the-Job Skills

• Employer Hiring Incentives

• $$$ to Remove any Barriers to Employment (e.g. transportation, work clothes, tools, equipment)



• Aged 15-29
• Out of work or working <20 hrs/wk
• NOT attending FT School or Training
• Living in Ontario


Start Working and Get Your Career Underway!


Register to learn more during one of our Youth Employment Fund (YEF) Orientation Sessions.



Tuesday, June 26

1:30 – 3:00pm



905-579-1821 or email

A Decade of ISO!

Following another successful audit, the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre has now been ISO Registered for a decade! iso


Hear Maralyn Tassone, Executive Director for DRUHC, speak about customer service excellence and the high standard of ISO registration.


Summer Camps

Looking for summer camps for your children?




Here are a couple of low-cost options in the Durham Region:


- Boys & Girls Club of Durham

- Girls Inc.


It's an Election Year!

Elections are almost here! Don't forget to cast your vote!




With so many changes happening in our economy, it is a good idea to be informed.


Our choices as voters will help influence the economic and political landscape for the next four years.


At the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre we understand that individuals want to work and contribute to their communities.


Make choices based on which political representatives and parties will best represent you and your needs!


Provincial elections are on Thursday, June 12!


For more information about voting, please visit:

- Your local municipal website

- Elections Ontario

- Elections Canada


Job Opportunities

- Finance and Admin Assist

- Residential House Cleaner

- Electrician

- Health Manager

- Client Service Specialist

- Clinical Nurse Specialist

- Lumber Handler

- Supervisor, Facilities

- Vehicle Test Engineer

- Social Worker

- Accounts Payable Clerk

- Program Operator

- Dishwasher

- Merchandise Coordinator

- Assistant Manager

- Park Labourers Supervisor

- Kennel Attendant

- Labourer

- Human Resources Lead

- Moving Van Driver

- Receiver, Donations

- Appointment Setter

- Quality Management


Note: The Job Opportunities listed may expire throughout the month.


Please come in to one of the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre locations to view many more job postings.

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