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Warm weather is finally here!


May is a fertile time - perfect for planting seeds.


It is also a great time to plant "seeds" for job search success. Treat your job search like a work assignment with a big pay off!


Learn about the labour market, educate yourself by learning job search techniques, participate in local events, network and tell your friends and family that you are looking for work.


Become informed of the programs and services available to assist you in your job search.

Which Program Is For You?

There is something for everyone! Whether you are a newcomer, youth or an older worker who is looking for work, we have a program for you.



Learn about Youth Job Connection, Youth Job Connection Summer, Youth Job Link, Targeted Initiative for Older Workers, Second Career, The Mentoring Partnership, and more.


Book an appointment with an Employment Counsellor to find out which program is right for you.


Scent Free Facility


Due to the growing number of people allergic to various scents and fragrances, the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre has become a Scent Free facility. 



Please show your support and join us by not wearing any fragrances when you visit and use our facilities.


2016 Census


Statistics Canada will send all Canadian Households census letters and packages, starting May 2, 2016.



You can complete your census questionnaire online or on paper.


Ontario Budget for Students

The Ontario Budget, released in February, revealed radical changes related to the delivery of University and College loans and grants for students.



The changes demonstrate a governmental commitment to make postsecondary education accessible to families with low incomes.


According to the budget, most college and university students with a family income of less than $50,000 will receive grants that cover the cost of the entire tuition.


For the first time, the budget opens financial aid to mature students no matter how long they have been out of school.


The pool of students who might consider attending post-secondary education is thus increased.


According to a Globe & Mail article, every post-secondary group has favoured the changes, including student groups, faculty associations and university administration.


What does this mean for you? Read more about the budget by clicking here.


Older Worker Program


Are you between the ages of 55 and 64 and looking for career assistance?



The Targeted Initiative for Older Workers (TIOW) is a demonstrated successful, 4-week program for people aged 55-64 who are out of work, under-employed, and wishing to be gainfully employed.


Attend an Orientation Session to Learn More.


View the Event Calendar for upcoming dates and times:


Open Doors at Holiday Inn

The long-awaited Holiday Inn in downtown Oshawa has opened its doors!



The hotel is a big part of the downtown revitilization project.


The hotel is close to the General Motors Centre and the 401 and will draw a diverse crowd including social and sports groups as well as corporate and business clientele.


The hotel is expected to generate $6 million a year in economic activity for Oshawa. Learn more.


Five Changes to EI

Changes to Employment Insurance are coming.. here are five things you may need to know.



Employment Insurance is a regionally based system, taking into account local and regional employment-related factors.


Twelve of the hardest hit regions across Canada have been identified as facing significant challenges. Measures to the EI system have been applied to aid in the economic recovery of those regions.


1. Where unemployment rates have been rising, the government will add 5 weeks of eligibility to a max of 50 weeks. Long-tenured workers who have not dipped into unemployment in years will be eligible for an additional 20 weeks - to a max. of 70 weeks. Starts July 1 and is retroactive.


2. Cut waiting period from 2 weeks to one week. The government will speed up processing applications times and put money into government call centres to reduce the time that people spend on hold.


3. To qualify for EI, new entrants or re-entrants to the workforce (young workers or stay-at-home parents) were required to work 910 hours. The new system will reduce the required hours to work between 420-700 hours depending on labour conditions in their region.


4. The "Working While On Claim" Pilot Project will be extended. The government will continue to assess whether keeping more benefits will help claimants transition off employment insurance into a permanent jobs.


5. Employees who work for companies who are facing prospective layoffs due to difficult economic conditions can choose to work fewer hours and receive EI to a maximum of 38 weeks.


Read more about the proposed changes.


Labour Market for Women


Recently, a report related to Ontario's Gender Pay Gap was released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.



The report, “Every Step You Take: Ontario’s Gender Pay Gap Ladder" indicates the following:


On average, a working woman in Ontario earns 70.6 cents for every dollar a man makes*.


With each step that women take on the income ladder, the wage gap increases.


According to the report, the findings stated above is "true for women in every occupation and industry sector and across all age groups and education levels."


The Equal Pay Coalition has called on the business community and Premier Kathleen Wynne to end gender pay inequality in Ontario by 2025. Read the article.

Job Search Workshop

Job Search Workshop (JSW) is a program for newcomers offered through the Pickering Welcome Centre (PWC).



Attendees of the program have gained tremendous benefits from participating. In fact:


72% of JSW clients accessed employment support within 1 year of landing in Canada;


76% of PWC clients completing the Job Search Workshop found employment within 6 months;


61% of PWC clients completing employment programs found employment in their field; and


100% of participants would recommend the program to a family member or friend.


Are you a newcomer or know someone who is?


Find out more about Job Search Workshop by contacting the Pickering Welcome Centre.


Job Opportunities

- Various Positions at Gerdau

- Management Trainee

- Front Desk Agent

- Intermediate Estimator

- Software Architect

- PM Sorter

- Junior Office Assistant

- Medical Transcriptionist

- Bridge Carpenter

- Printing Press Operator

- Electrical Resident Engineer

- IT Support Analyst

- Carpenter, Renovation

- Bookeeper / Office Admin

- Human Resources Assistant

- Restaurant Cook



- Delivery Helper

- Seasonal Labourer

- Store Manager

- Caulking Specialist


Summer Student

- Student Asistant

- Quality Assurance Specialist

- Data Analyst Intern

- Camp Counsellor


Note: The Job Opportunities listed may expire throughout the month.


Please come in to one of the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre locations to view many more job postings.


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Go Train Extension = Jobs


Four new GO Train stations have the potential to create 21,000 jobs according to a recent economic impact analysis.



The analysis shows that an extension of four new GO stations through Oshawa to Bowmanville would unlock both re-development and
development opportunities.


According to the economic impact analysis:

"The project has the potential to generate $1.1 billion in transit-oriented, walkable urban development that would enable:

The creation of 21,000 permanent new jobs


6,000 person years in construction employment


6,000 homes to be built within walking distance of a GO station


More than $70 million in annual savings for residents related to time, vehicle costs and
improved road safety


A significant reduction in the amount of CO 2
emissions by decreasing private vehicle use by
50 million kilometers a year."


Click to read the press release.




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