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Welcome to May!


Everyone wins when you volunteer including the community, employers and you! As the saying goes - in giving you receive.


You can use volunteering to gain experience, knowledge and skills in your field of interest.


Also in this edition, learn of exciting new programs for newcomers to help integrate and settle in Durham Region.


There are plenty of jobs available in the Durham Region and we can help you find them.


If you are a student looking for summer work, take advantage of services to help youth gain paid summer employment.


Schedule an appointment and see you this Spring!


Volunteering Matters

Did you know that volunteering pays off for job seekers?



According to a Forbes.com article, volunteering can increase your chances of gaining employment by 7-27%.


Why? Because volunteering looks good on a résumé; because it demonstrates that you are motivated, hard-working and interested in helping a cause or organization.


Volunteering can help you:


- Determine your career goals

- Acquire skills and knowledge

- Gain work experience

- Grow your connections

- Learn of paid positions within the organization

- Fill an employment gap on a résumé


Volunteer positions, the same as paid positions, require a résumé, the more popular position, are often competed for. If you are interested in volunteering contact our agency for assistance in identifying good volunteering opportunities that align with your future goals and in developing a résumé to apply for volunteer positions.


Read the Forbes.com article, "Proof that volunteering pays off."


Volunteer in Durham Region


Looking for a way to get started as a volunteer?



A United Way online database helps connect volunteers to organizations searching for volunteer assistance.


Indicate your preference to volunteer on a long term, medium term short term or one-time basis.  

Click to access a searchable website of volunteer opportunities in Durham Region. 



Volunteer Fair for Newcomers

We will be hosting two newcomer community volunteer fairs, for all people seeking volunteer opportunities including newcomer youth and adults.



Thanks to funding from the Ministry of Citizenship Immigration (MCI) we will be hosting the Volunteer Fairs to meet the needs of newcomers to Canada to assist in the settlement process by building on community connections and for youth to complete volunteer hours required to graduate and to gain valuable work place experience.


Various Durham Region community organizations will be involved with the fairs. Stay tuned!



Labour Shortages in Canada



Amid Canada's worst labour shortages in 10 years, jobs that pay $75K-$100K are available.



By the end of 2017, the number of job vacancies in Canada were at 470,000, up almost 25% since the beginning of 2017.


An owner of a moving company in Richmond, BC states that he is having difficulty finding long-haul drivers who can expect to make upwards of $75,000.


Read the Global News article.


Low Unemployment in Oshawa

According to Statistics Canada, Oshawa has the lowest unemployment rate in the province and the third-lowest nationally.



A labour force survey, released March 2018, indicates that Oshawa’s unemployment rate was down 1/3 of a percent from last year - currently at 4.5%. The unemployment rate in Canada is 5.8%. In Ontario the unemployment rate is at 5.5%.


“Oshawa is experiencing unprecedented growth,” stated Oshawa city councilor and development services committee chair John Aker. Councillor Aker referred to the city as “the premier location in Ontario for employment and the place to be for jobs and opportunity.”

For more information, read - Oshawa number one in employment rate survey.


Training in Trades


Have you considered work in the trades? Positions are available, the pay is good and training is available right here in the Durham Region.



Durham College's School of Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship & Renewable Technology (START) offers many programs including Automotive Technician, Crane Operation, Plumbing and Welding and more.


Explore information about the programs offered and the career opportunities available by visiting the Durham College website.


Equal Pay Day

In 1996, the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) initiated Equal Pay Day to bring awareness to the pay gap between men's and women's wages.



The last Equal Pay Day is Tuesday, April 10, 2018. It is a symbolic day that marks how far into the year women work to earn what men earned in the previous year.


Ontario is introducing a Pay Transparency Act (Bill 3). Under the act, employers will be required to disclose anonymized wage data by sex. Read the Toronto Star article for more information.


Path to Newcomers Success


The Welcome Centre has a new program to help newcomers find employment.

Path to Newcomers Success (PNS) is an employment program for newcomers including refugees, refugee claimants, and permanent residents who are unemployed and eligible to work in Canada.


PNS will help participants prepare for the workplace and find employment through language and pre-employment training.


Eligible participants will have low-level English proficiency, and be willing to accept entry-level positions that do not require strong English language skills.


Click to view the PNS flyer or contact Heather for more information.


Newcomer Success

After several attempts to find work, Emmanuel, a newcomer from the UK with a MBA and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science attended the Job Search Workshop at the Pickering Welcome Centre (PWC) with a desire to secure a position in his professional field of Business Continuity Management.



He now works with one of the biggest investment and asset banking companies in Toronto.


Emmanuel shared: “I had submitted over 30 applications since obtaining permanent residency in Canada, all with my limited knowledge of customizing résumés to suit the job posting. Despite attending many webinars on how to prepare a résumé, none of my applications led to a face-to-face interview with a hiring manager. Then I came to the PWC..."


Read more about Emmanuel's successful job search. Learn about Job Search Workshop.


Youth Employment Programs

Youth? Unemployed?



There are several Employment Ontario programs available through the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre designed to assist youth in obtaining employment. Visit the website and contact us today!


Student Summer Jobs at DRUHC


Oshawa Location:

- Computer Security/ Data Base Coordinator

- Human Resources Coordinator

- Animation of Workshops

- Summer Program Coordinator

- Youth & Newcomers Guide to Employment in Ontario


Pickering Location:

- Resource Assistant / Computer Trainer

- Research / Resource Support

- Researcher / Writer


Please view the DRUHC Job Portal or come in to one of the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre locations to view many more job postings.


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