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Everything has changed in a short amount of time.


We are here to service your employment needs throughout this difficult time.


While our ‘bricks and mortar sites’ are closed to the public, Employment Counsellors and Employment Specialists are ready and available to help you.


If you are an employer who is looking to hire now, or in the near future, please contact us to access incentives designed to help your business and workforce succeed.


If you are a job seeker, we can help you navigate your path to employment through government funded services and programs.


We are also making significant changes to our digital strategy. Stay tuned for exciting developments including a new e-newsletter specifically for Employers.


We look forward to assisting you with your employment goals and hiring needs.


Remote Reality

A Remote Reality is here and it is not likely to go away anytime soon.


Remote working and e-services are not new but the recent state of the world is making the digital transformation of every business a necessity.


While employers are working hard to develop digital strategies, many employees are doing their best to adapt to a new way of working.


Employers are considering how they can build a remote company culture while providing the same level of services to their clients.


A remote workforce can help businesses reduce operating costs, attract and retain talent, minimize environmental impact and effectively respond to changing circumstances like a disaster or pandemic.


And while COVID-19 has already shut down entire industries, other industries (e.g. video conferencing and cybersecurity) are booming. Many fast-growing remote work opportunities are available.


To fill a remote position, employers are looking for specific skills outside of the requirements of the position available.


These may include:


- Digital communication (written & verbal)

- Time-management

- Ability to focus

- Self-motivation and discipline

- Comfort with technology

- Willingness to adapt, learn and grow

- Familiarity with remote tools


A 2018 article from flexjob.com is relevant today! Read "4 Remote Work Trends Professionals Should Know for 2018."


Work From Home Challenges


Suddenly, many employees are adjusting to working from home.



For those that are not able to work remotely and for those that are, this can be a daunting time during the pandemic.


Many are attempting to balance the care of their children, new work practices, and getting through the pandemic.


View the CBC Morning Live video on "Canadians Working from Home Facing Challenges."


CERB - Expanded Eligibility


The Government of Canada has expanded eligibility to allow even more people to benefit from the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). Click here to apply.


Hiring During COVID-19

In response to the pandemic, hiring has changed dramatically with a rise of available Essential Workplace positions and a sharp decrease in other types of employment.



Since the pandemic began, jobs in healthcare are up by 35%. Positions in delivery services, supermarkets, and supply chains are also on the rise.


Following are some of the businesses who are hiring today:



Shoppers Drug Mart
Walmart Canada
Domino’s Pizza


Are you an employer looking to hire in the Durham Region? Take advantage of our no-cost services, incentives and free job posting board. Contact an Employment Specialist to learn more.


LinkedIn is also offering free job posts for essential service companies who are seeking skilled workers to fill critical roles. Click for information.


Read Ottawa's CTV news article about Canadian companies hiring during the pandemic.


Help For Apprentices


Ontario is helping apprentices succeed in the workforce and assisting employers in growing their businesses, while increasing participation from under-represented groups.



There are a number of Apprenticeship Grants available to help individuals looking to start a career in the trades:


Apprenticeship Incentive Grant

Apprenticeship Incentive Grant - Women

Apprenticeship Completion Grant


Learn about 140+ trades you can explore as a potential career.


Pandemic Impact on Business

In April. Statistics Canada surveyed 12,000 businesses in order to gauge the impact of the pandemic - the results show that many Canadian businesses are struggling.



Although some businesses have been minimally impacted by COVID-19, the majority have seen significant decreases in revenue and have had to layoff staff or reduce their hours.


According to a BetterDwelling.com article, nearly 1 In 5 Canadian businesses laid off more than 80% of staff and half of the businesses surveyed can not operate without revenue for over 90 days.


Government income and rent relief should help many Canadian businesses. Read the article.


Webinars for Employers

Based on the popularity of our recent webinars for employers, we have added topics to help displaced workers and employers navigate these challenging times.



Upcoming, free webinars highlight government supports available to businesses, employee rights under the Employment Standards Act and Understanding and Coping with Stress during the Pandemic.


Please join us and our roster of experts to learn more about the tools and resources available.


Wednesday May 6th 2020 at 10:00am

Canada Emergency Benefits and Assistance

The team from MNP, one of the largest full-service chartered accountancy and business advisory firms in Canada, will share much needed financial information on CERB.


May 7th 2020 at 10:00am

Employment Standards Act (ESA)

Back by popular demand, this webinar will inform employers about the minimum rights and obligations under the ESA, and the tools and resources available. Paul Cannis from the Ontario Ministry of Labour Training Skills Development will discuss the ESA as it relates to COVID-19.


Monday May 11th, 2020 at 10:00am

Canada Emergency Benefits and Assistance Jacqueline Duffey, Citizen Services Specialist from Service Canada, will provide employers with valuable information on Canada Emergency Benefits and Assistance available through Service Canada.


Thursday May 14th 2020, 10:00am

Understanding and Coping with Stress during the Pandemic: A Webinar for SMEs Owners Johnathon Paynter from BBMD Consulting Inc. will help employers understand the impact that the daily stress from the sudden closure of our economy has on our minds and bodies and provide employers with the means to formulate a plan to maintain positive mental health, as well as the mental health of their employees as they look forward and strategize on the opening.

Please join us for these enlightening, highly informative, and well-presented webinars. Registrations are limited so please reserve your seat today - you will be glad you did!


Contact Michelle Campbell at mcampbell@unemployedhelp.on.ca.


Please include first and last name, company name and email address.


Your Home. Your Office.


In April, Durham College's AI Hub offered a webinar with industry professionals in the field of cybersecurity.



The webinar featured guest speakers Cat Coode of Binary Tattoo, Farooq Naiyer of ORION and Jeff Dawley of Cybersecurity Compliance Corp. They offered tips on how to create a cyberthreat-free environment while working from home. Click to view tips.


Webinar for Newcomers

In May, the Pickering Welcome Centre will host a webinar with a Service Canada Citizen Services Specialist.



Service Canada will share valuable information on eligibility and applying for Benefits and Assistance available through Service Canada.


Join us on May 14th at 10am. For more information call 905-420-3008 or email jswinfo@unemployedhelp.on.ca.


Property Tax Rebate


The Municipality of Clarington is getting attention for becoming the first municipality to offer property tax rebates in wake of COVID-19.



Read the CBC article


Re-Opening in May

On May 4th, garden centres, lawn care and landscaping, car washes, and auto dealerships in Ontario can reopen.



Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, also stated that essential construction projects, golf courses and marinas can begin preparing for the season. Read more.


Education at Home

Ontario parents can apply for a one-time COVID-19 payment to help offset the costs of keeping children entertained and engaged during the extended time away from school.



The Support for Families Portal offers $200 per child 12 years of age and under and $250 for dependents with special needs from birth to age 21. Learn more.


Financial Aid for Students


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced another emergency financial aid package totaling $9B for students.



The Prime Minister indicated that the government’s approach has been to provide emergency financial assistance in stages, to those who need it most first. Read the article.

Mental Health Support

Durham Mental Health Services (DMHS) is offering individual and group community mental health support virtually.



Learn more about DMHS services.


Questions About COVID?

The Regional Municipality of Durham has compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you find the information you need about COVID-19 in Durham Region.



Click to access FAQs.

Food Box Program

Community Care Durham is offering a food box program for those facing food insecurity in these challenging times. 



For $30, have a Community Food box delivered to your door at no extra cost. The Food Box contains essentials such as milk, yogurt, eggs, vegetables, apples, bread, baked goods and toilet paper.


Click for info.


GM Making Face Masks

Across Canada and in the Durham Region, businesses are coming together to help each other through COVID-19.



GM Canada recently announced that they are preparing areas of the Oshawa plant to produce face masks.


Read the Oshawa Chamber article.

Hygiene Hub and Shelters


Municipalities are opening Hygiene Hubs to help unsheltered residents during the COVID crisis.



Both the City of Pickering and Town of Ajax are offering shower and washroom access via recreational facilities. Click on the following links for more information:


Town of Ajax Hygiene Hub

City of Pickering Hygiene Hub


For information on Emergency Shelters, click here.


Job Opportunities


Support Aids

Assistant Student Recruiter

Satellite Television Technician

Maintenance Millwright



Learn of supports for healthcare workers and others on the job.


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Rent Relief for Business



Significant rent relief for business is coming!



In partnership with the provinces and territories, the federal government has recommended rent be lowered by 75% for small businesses impacted by COVID-19.


The program has been developed to share the cost between government, small business tenants and landlords.


Small business tenants and landlords would each be asked to pay 25% of the before profit costs and the provincial and federal government would cost share the remaining 50%.


Click for more information.









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