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The economy has shifted dramatically in the past five years.


Since the beginning of 2014, we are seeing a trend in the number of full-time jobs decreasing and the number of part-time jobs growing.


More than ever, it is important to acquire the skills that you need in order to compete in a tough labour market.


We can help! Schedule an appointment with an Employment Counsellor or attend our Job Search Workshops to gain a competitive edge.


Remember, September is a good time to start thinking about applying for seasonal positions!


Elections are just around the corner. In this economy, we need leaders to help us navigate change and encourage innovation.


Do your research and don't forget to vote!

PT Work - The New Normal?

After correcting a major error in July's employment figures, Statistics Canada re-issued numbers indicating that 42,000 jobs were added.




While the numbers seem encouraging, the employment gains are primarily in part-time work with approximately 18,000 full-time jobs lost and 60,000 part-time jobs added.


As the labour market continues to shift towards more part-time employment, economists postulate that we are becoming a nation of part-time workers.


StatsCan figures show that since the beginning of 2014, 13,000 new part-time jobs have been added each month.


David Madani, economist at Toronto-based Capital Economics, observes that “the economy is struggling to generate good quality jobs.”


For more information, see articles below:


- Canada loses 26,000 full-time jobs


- Why part-time work may be the new normal


- Experts fret Canada becoming a ‘nation of part-time workers’


Budget for Students

As a student, learning how to make your money work for you is a skill that will benefit you for a life-time.




Although it takes time and discipline, "making a budget and sticking to it is the foundation of good financial planning. It helps you stay in control of your finances, no matter how much you have to work with."


CIBC offers some tips and a handy Student Budget Calculator to help you get on track now and in the future.


Gruelling Job Hunt

Last month, CTV News visited the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre in Oshawa to speak first hand to job seekers impacted by the dip in full-time employment, specifically effecting job seekers in the Durham Region.




Maralyn Tassone, Executive Director of the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre indicates that is a challenging time for job seekers.


Job seekers report feeling discouraged and desperate while trying to remain positive.


View the video by clicking here.


Job Opportunities

- General Labourer

- Fundraiser

- Administration, Teller

- Clinical Informatics Analyst

- Electrician

- Shareholder Relations

- Support Worker

- Customer Care Ambassadors

- Product Design Engineer

- Classroom Assistant

- Veterinary Technician

- 30 General Labourers

- Executive Assistant

- Cook

- Lubrication Technician

- Human Resources

- Department Manager

- Kitchen Staff Member

- Retail Sales

- Associate Director

- Customer Service Rep

- Lot Attendant

- Sociology Teacher

- Business Development

- Shipper/Receiver

- IT Director

- Senior Payroll Executive

- Inbound Sales/Admin

- Automobile Mechanic

- Photographer, PT

- Press Helper

- Cleaning Specialist

- Service Technician

- Class A Auto Mechanic


Please come in to one of the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre locations to view many more job postings.

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Stand out from the crowd! Join us for a 2-day Intensive Job Finding Boot Camp to gain a competitive edge!




Learn the top job hunting strategies, how to write a résumé and how to ace your interviews. Book an optional personal coaching session one week later to critique and personalize your résumé.


Join us! You can not afford to miss this!



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Reader's Choice Award

Last year, the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre was voted Oshawa/Whitby This Week's 2013 Reader's Choice in the category of "Employment Agency", Diamond Level.




We have been nominated again this year!


Between September 11-21st, you can cast your vote at www.durhamregion.com!


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The 2014 Municipal Election is on October 27, 2014! With so many changes happening in our economy, it is a good idea to be informed.




Our choices as voters will help influence the economic and political landscape for the next four years.


At the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre we understand that individuals want to work and contribute to their communities.


Make choices based on which political representatives and parties will best represent you and your needs!


Research the candidates in your area and vote!


Information about voting is available on each municipal website in the Durham Region.


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