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Newsletters 2017

Find the latest employment related information here.

Our monthly newsletter, Employment E-News, condenses information related to Current Events, Programs and Available Resources at the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre.

You will also find information related to Local Job Postings, Workshops, Job Search Tips, Networking Opportunities, Local Employers, Job/Career Fairs, Success Stories, Labour Market Information, Community Services, and more.

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December 2017 

The work world has changed. Ontario's labour and employment laws are changing too. Read about Bill 148. Learn more.

NEW! Click for the Accessible Version of Employment E-News.

DRUHC - E-News - December 2017


November 2017 

Youth unemployment requires a multi-faceted and multi-disiplinary approach. Learn more.

DRUHC - E-News - November 2017


October 2017 

The Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre has a new website! Click to read about it.

DRUHC - E-News - October 2017


September 2017 

Now is a great time to get work. Learn why.

DRUHC - E-News - September 2017


August 2017 

Make a plan! Arm yourself with the knowledge, tools and resources that you need to get back to work. Find out how!

DRUHC - E-News - August 2017


July 2017 

Summer is here and there are opportunities abound! Learn more.

DRUHC - E-News - July 2017


June 2017 

Over the course of 30+ years, DRUHC has helped thousands of people make their career objectives possible. We can help you too!

DRUHC - E-News - June 2017


May 2017 

We have been working behind the scenes to create an up-to-date, fully responsive website. Stay tuned!

DRUHC - E-News - May 2017



April 2017 

If you are not thinking creatively about how you can participate in the labour market, it may be time to start. Get creative!

DRUHC - E-News - April 2017


March 2017 

Connecting with and growing your network can have a positive impact on your job search. Learn more.

DRUHC - E-News - March 2017


February 2017 

Committed to your job search? There are plenty of government-funded employment programs, resources and training opportunities available to help you achieve your career goals. Learn more.

DRUHC - E-News - February 2017


January 2017 

Adapting to change is not only a survival skill but a skill that will help you succeed in life... Read more!

DRUHC - E-News - 2017

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Job Seeker News & Events


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