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Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) can help you understand current and future workplace trends. Accurate and current Labour Market Information is critical for making good choices, in determining your career path, and researching the educational requirements associated with your chosen profession.

Definition of Labour Market Information (LMI)

“The term “Labour Market Information” refers to three types of information:

The first type of information can be used by individuals, businesses and policymakers in order to form reasonable expectations about future labour market developments such as relative skill surpluses and shortages, regional differences in labour market performance, the characteristics of occupations (e.g. skill requirements), etc. The second and third types are used by individual jobseekers and employers in order to facilitate worker-employer matching at the microeconomic level and to make career and training decisions.” - source

To make important education, training or career planning decisions, the Ontario government has several online tools available including: Labour Market Information, Ontario Job Futures, Employment Profile and Ontario Skills Passport.

For information regarding the local Labour Market, please visit Durham Workforce Authority.


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Recommended Reading

Drop in to our Resource Centre and browse through the following titles. These books can provide you with further guidance in your job search.


Older Workers

Résumé and Cover Letter Preparation

Developing Job Leads

People with Disabilities

The New World of Work

Additional Reading


Starting a Business

Have you considered being an entrepreneur? Not sure where to start? There are many no-cost resources available in the Durham Region and online to help guide you through the process of starting your own business.


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Take advantage of the services, programs and job search workshops available. Please call to schedule an appointment to meet with an Employment Counsellor in Oshawa or Pickering to explore options available to you.