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TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

Find a mentor to help you progress your career in Canada.
If you are an immigrant with a professional background, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership* can help you reconnect with your career with the support of a mentor who works in your field, in Canada.

By talking to a mentor who shares your professional background and knows how the local labour market works, you can get a head start on your journey to success in Canada.

In fact, 75% of participants find a job in their professional field within one year.

You should sign up for the program if you:

• Have 2+ years of international experience in your professional field
• Have lived in Canada for less than five years
• Are unemployed or underemployed and looking to reconnect with your career

A mentor can help you:

• Understand Canadian industry trends
• Develop more effective job search strategies
• Build your professional network
• Find ways of leveraging your experience and skills

Interested? Contact a Mentoring Partnership Coach to learn how to sign-up.

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership is a collaboration of employer and community partners, and operates as a program of TRIEC. TRIEC champions the skills and talents that immigrants bring to the Greater Toronto Area. Funding for TRIEC Mentoring Partnership is provided by the Governments of Canada and Ontario, Ontario Trillium Foundation, RBC Foundation and Manulife.

For more information about TRIEC, click here.

For more information about TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, click here.

Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre is a partner in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership - a program of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council delivered by 12 community partners across the GTA, including the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre.


In 2016, a three-year, $197,900 Grow grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation was awarded to DRUHC’s TRIEC Mentoring Partnership.

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Read the September 2016 press release.


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