Newcomer Services

Starting new in a different country is an exciting yet challenging journey, filled with a myriad of questions, adjustments, and opportunities. Understanding this, we are committed to making your transition as smooth and rewarding as possible. Managed by the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre, our Pickering Welcome Centre office serves as your comprehensive hub for all your employment and settlement needs in Ontario. From the moment you arrive, consider us your go-to resource for personalized guidance, support, and essential services designed to help you successfully integrate into your new community and workforce.

Your success and well-being are our top priorities. Explore our wide array of services and reach out to us today to take the first step towards a fulfilling and prosperous life in Ontario.

Employment Services

Get help finding a job with our employment services, offering resume advice, interview practice, and connections to job opportunities.

Settlement Support

Ease into your new life in Canada with our settlement support, providing guidance on housing, healthcare, and community services.

Newcomer Resources

 Access a wide range of resources tailored for newcomers, including legal advice, language classes, and cultural orientation programs.

Computer Lab

Use our computer lab to search for jobs, work on resumes, and learn new digital skills in a supportive environment.

Network Opportunites

Explore various networking events and meet-ups, providing chances to connect with professionals, employers, and other newcomers in your community.

Community Connections

Engage with local community groups and events to build relationships, understand local culture, and find support in your new environment.

Newcomer Programs


Newcomer Job Search Workshop

Finding the right job in a new country can be a unique challenge, especially when you’re an internationally trained professional. Our Job Search Workshop Program is here to assist. It’s crafted to provide you with crucial tools and understanding necessary for securing a job that matches your skills and experience. Through this program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of job hunting in Canada. From developing a professional resume to preparing for interviews, our workshops encompass all aspects of the job search journey. Led by seasoned career advisors, these engaging sessions offer practical advice, individualized support, and effective strategies to enhance your employability and self-assurance in the Canadian job market. This program is your gateway to understanding the job market and progressing in your career here in Canada. Enroll in our Job Search Workshop Program today, and take a solid step towards achieving job success in your new home.

Key Features

    • Resume Building: Learn how to prepare a resume that clearly highlights your skills, experience, and qualifications.
    • Interview Preparation: Get trained on how to excel in job interviews, respond to common questions, and leave a memorable impression.
    • Networking Skills: Grasp the significance of professional networking and how to utilize it in your job hunt.
    • Job Market Understanding: Acquire important information about the current job market, industry trends, and how to spot opportunities that match your expertise and interests.
    • Personal Branding: Learn how to create and maintain a strong personal identity online and offline to get noticed in the competitive job market.
    • Action Plan: Depart with a personalized job search action plan, detailed with timelines and milestones, to steer your job search efforts.


    • Status in Canada: Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee, Live in Caregiver or CUAET.
    • Employment Status: Open solely to individuals who are currently unemployed or underemployed.
    • Skill Level: Catered to internationally trained professionals, regardless of the level of position they are seeking.
    • Age: While our program caters to all age groups, certain workshops may be designed for specific age demographics like youth or older workers.
    • English Language: CLB 5 and higher

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

Moving to a new country can be hard, especially when looking for a good job that matches one’s skills and experience. TRIEC (Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council) helps solve this problem by linking skilled newcomers with employers who appreciate different cultures and are keen on benefiting from worldwide skills. With the help of various partners like local groups and business supporters, TRIEC provides many programs to help newcomers blend well into the job market here. Whether you are a skilled newcomer hoping to use your global experience, or an employer wanting to add variety to your team, TRIEC offers the help, support, and chances to meet the right people to make this possible.

If you are a skilled newcomer eager to use your abilities, or an employer in Durham region looking for a mix of skilled people, TRIEC is here to help. Join now to begin your path towards a better and welcoming career.

Key Features

    •  Mentoring Programs: Pair up with experienced professionals in your field who can give advice, share knowledge, and help you understand the Canadian job scene.
    • Employer Engagement: Join events and workshops that bring together employers and skilled newcomers, creating chances to connect and find opportunities.
    • Networking Opportunities: Take part in events made to introduce skilled newcomers to possible employers, mentors, and others in their field.
    • Resource Hub: Get to use many online resources like webinars, articles, and toolkits to help with your job search and grow your career.
    • Advocacy and Awareness: Enjoy TRIEC’s work in promoting fair job practices and spreading the word about the good that skilled newcomers add to the Canadian workforce.

Eligibility for Mentees

    • Status in Canada: Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee, Live in Caregiver or CUAET.
    • Employment Status: Open to people who are without a job or not fully employed.
    • Skill Level: Aimed at skilled newcomers with at least 2 years of international work experience in their field.
    • Language Proficiency: CLB 5 and higher.

Eligibility for Mentors

    • Status in Canada: A well-settled Canadian professional in the Durham region.
    • Skill Level: At least 2 years work experience in their field. Ready to give 18 hours over 3 months for mentoring.

Hiring Immigrant Professional Talent (HIP-T)

Getting a job in Canada as a skilled newcomer can have its hurdles. Our Hiring Immigrant Professional Talent (HIP-T) Program is here to help you overcome these hurdles, making it easier for you to find a job that matches your skills and experience. This program appreciates the value and unique skills you bring from your home country, helping you and Canadian businesses thrive together. Join us today and meet employers looking for professionals in your field.

If you’re a skilled immigrant looking to make the most of your talents in the Durham region, or an employer seeking to tap into a diverse pool of qualified candidates, TRIEC is your go-to resource. Enroll today to start your journey towards a more fulfilling and inclusive career.

Key Features

    • Valuing Your International Experience: We recognize and make good use of the valuable experience you bring from your home country to the Canadian job market.
    • Mentorship Opportunities: Meet with industry experts and professionals who will guide, share insights, and support you in understanding the job scene in Canada.
    • Networking Events: Attend events that introduce you to potential employers, creating chances for job opportunities and collaborations.
    • Job Matching Help: We provide dedicated help to pair you with job opportunities that match your expertise.
    • Adapting to Canadian Work Culture: Workshops to help you understand Canadian workplace culture, communication styles, and improve your soft skills.


    • Immigration Status: Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee, Live in Caregiver or CUAET.
    • Professional Background: Aimed at skilled newcomers with professional qualifications and work experience from their home countries.
    • Language Proficiency: You should be able to communicate well in English or French to join the program and work effectively in Canada.

Pathway to Newcomer Success

Pathway to Newcomer Success is a helpful program for newcomers in Canada, making it easier for you to start your job journey. It’s available both in person and online every Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:30 am at 1400 Bayly Street, Unit 5. This program teaches you simple and effective ways to find jobs in Canada, including finding hidden job opportunities, avoiding fake job offers, and getting the right resources to achieve your job goals. You’ll also learn how to create a good resume and improve your interview skills. It’s a great opportunity to get the support you need for your job search in Canada.

Please make sure to register before attending.

Topics Covered

    • Where to start your job search in Canada.
    • Discover the hidden job market.
    • Avoid employment scams.
    • Resources to help you reach your goals.
    • Build your resume.
    • Improve your interview skills.


    • Status in Canada: Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee, Live in Caregiver or CUAET.

    • Employment Status: Open to people who are unemployed or under-employed.

    • Language Proficiency: CLB 4 and higher.

Newcomer F.A.Q.

What services does the Welcome Centre offer for newcomers?

The Pickering Welcome Centre offers a wide range of services including employment assistance, settlement support, language training, credential recognition guidance, legal and immigration advice, and community engagement opportunities.

Do I need to pay for the services offered at the Welcome Centre?

All of our services are funded and are free of charge for newcomers.

How can the Welcome Centre help me find a job?

Our employment services include job search workshops, one-on-one career counseling, and job matching and placement services. We also offer specialized programs like the Job Search Workshop Program and TRIEC for skilled immigrants.

I have qualifications from another country. Can you help me get them recognized in Canada?

Through our partners, we can help your international qualifications get recognized in Canada. This can be an essential step in continuing your career here.

Do you offer language training programs?

Absolutely, we offer language training programs aimed at improving your English language skills, both for everyday life and for the workplace.

How can I get involved in the community?

We offer various community engagement and networking opportunities to help you connect with local communities. These can be a great way to make new friends, build a support system, and even find job opportunities.

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